Top Obama Official's GOP Son ATTACKED

  • 2018-10-10
  • Source: AAN
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Top Obama Official's GOP Son ATTACKED
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John David Rice-Cameron – the son of Susan Rice – is a proud Trump supporter and president of the Stanford University College Republicans who finds himself pressing charges against a liberal student who reportedly attacked him during a pro-Brett Kavanaugh rally. 

Fox News reports:

Rice-Cameron is the son of controversial Obama administration official Susan Rice, who is rumored to be considering a run against Susan Collins, R-Maine, following her support in the Senate for confirmation of Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. But on the other side of the aisle on the Left Coast, her son is busy working to “Make Stanford Great Again” as an outspoken supporter of President Trump and conservative values.

While one student was arrested for battery, other students were caught on camera ripping up College Republican signs supporting Kavanaugh at their “Change My Mind” table.

“Nobody should be assaulted on campus, under any circumstances,” Rice-Cameron told the Stanford Daily.

A student was placed under a private-person arrest and issued a citation for battery in response to Rice-Cameron’s allegations, according to Stanford Department of Public Safety spokesman Bill Larson.

The District Attorney's Office is reviewing the case.

Instead of being deterred, Stanford College Republicans, led by Rice-Cameron, appear more energized than ever.
 Source: AAN
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