Top Dem Helps Hundreds of Illegals Escape

  • 2018-02-28
  • Source: AAN
  • by: Remington Strelivo
Top Dem Helps Hundreds of Illegals Escape
By Police (Wikipedia Commons) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
The mayor of Oakland, California, is under fire – for allegedly helping as many as 864 criminal illegal immigrants elude deportation officers.

Libby Schaaf, who serves as the liberal city's mayor, issued a warning to her constituents on Saturday that Immigrations and Customs Enforcement was coming to arrest illegal immigrants.

At a press conference, Schaaf stood in front of cameras and told the city of 420 thousand that "multiple credible sources" had informed her ICE would be making arrests during raids of illegal immigrants.

ICE, which arrested more than 150 illegal immigrants in the area, claims it could have arrested far more if Schaaf hadn't intervened.

Thomas Homan, ICE's Deputy Director, fumed over what he called Schaaf's "irresponsible decision" – especially considering that many of ICE's targets were dangerous illegal aliens with a criminal past.

"Sanctuary jurisdictions like San Francisco and Oakland shield dangerous criminal aliens from federal law enforcement at the expense of public safety," Homan said, in a statement. “The Oakland mayor’s decision to publicize her suspicions about ICE operations further increased risk for my officers and alerted criminal aliens — making clear that this reckless decision was based on her political agenda with the very federal laws that ICE is sworn to uphold."

Schaaf, however, was unapologetic and claimed that what she did was the right thing to do.

"I did not give specific information that could have endangered law enforcement," she said. "I encouraged people not to panic but to know their rights, to know their responsibilities and to know about the unique resources that are available in this community."
 Source: AAN
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