Top Dem Calls for Party to Give In

  • 2019-01-24
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Top Dem Calls for Party to Give In
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Rep. Collin Peterson (D-Minn.) said in an interview that Congress should acquiesce to President Donald Trump's demand for a border wall. (The Daily Wire)

Peterson, the Chairman of the House Agriculture Committee, told KFGO's "News & Views" on Tuesday that "when I bring up what I have to say [to Democrats], they look at me cross-eyed."

"Give Trump the money," Peterson said, adding that he would "give him the whole thing ... and put strings on it so you make sure he puts the wall where it needs to be."

"Why are we fighting over this?" Peterson continued. "We’re going to build that wall anyway, at some time."

In an interview with the MinnPost on Wednesday, Peterson tried to clarify his remarks after enraging Democrats in Washington, D.C., highlighting that he specifically stated that there needed to be strings attached to the money to make sure that it is spent responsibly.

Yesterday, Trump and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi engaged in a public spat over the State of the Union, with the president eventually conceding the point, again showing a willingness to meet Democrats halfway.
 Source: AAN
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