Tim Allen's Conservative Sitcom to Return

Tim Allen's Conservative Sitcom to Return
If you’re still disappointed that Tim Allen’s sitcom was cancelled last May, well dry your eyes. Last Man Standing will be returning to broadcast television after about a year hiatus. Maybe the Roseanne reboot is making the media slightly more tolerant of blue collar, middle American viewpoints.

Maybe there is some hope for mainstream media after all.

Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing finished its 6th season on ABC before the company decided to cancel the show. Considerably popular, the show’s cancellation was a controversial move. Fans were angered over the decision, and many wondered if ABC’s motive had anything to do with the fact that Tim Allen was more conservative than your usual sitcom star.

ABC never commented on any alleged conspiracy to get Allen off the air, but a recent interview with the former Home Improvement star seemed to keep suspicions alive. Guest starring on Norm MacDonald's talk show, Allen told the comedian, “There’s nothing more dangerous, especially in this climate, than a funny, likable conservative.”
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