Thug Enters Gun Owner's Home, Threatens Everyone – Huge Mistake

  • 2018-07-11
  • Source: AAN
  • by: AAN Staff
Thug Enters Gun Owner's Home, Threatens Everyone – Huge Mistake
After a dramatic high-speed chase with police, one California driver initially evaded law enforcement, entering a home armed with a broken beer bottle. It would be his last mistake. 

TheBlaze, courtesty of KOLO-TV, reports:

Police said the driver arrived at a home, armed himself with a beer bottle, entered the attached garage through the open roll-up garage door, and entered the house, the station said.


The driver then confronted the residents and — holding the beer bottle over his head — threatened to kill the family if car keys weren’t given to him, KOLO reported.

A woman in the home retrieved car keys from another room, the station said — along with another item: a handgun.


The resident pursued the intruder, who was behind the wheel of the truck and soon accelerated and drove toward the resident, KOLO reported.

The law-abiding gun owner fired one round at the suspect, killing him. Officers arrived shortly afterward to find his lifeless body in the cab of the truck.
 Source: AAN
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