This Former NFL Coach Is Pro Life, And He Won't Back Down

  • 08/21/2017
  • Source: Daily Wire
  • by: Amanda Prestigiacomo
This Former NFL Coach Is Pro Life, And He Won't Back Down
By USAF [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
On Sunday, former NFL coach Tony Dungy applauded pro-life crusader and NFL player Benjamin Watson for "speaking the truth" about abortion, and then refused to back down when criticized for his support of the pro-life cause.

Dungy, the first black coach to ever win a Super Bowl, quoted a Live Action article about Watson deeming abortion "the ultimate form of racism."
  In a post co-authored by Watson and Co-Founder and President of Human Coalition Brian Fisher, abortion's racist and eugenic roots are discussed at length. For instance, Watson and Fisher note the overwhelming effect abortion has on black people in America: "Abortion disproportionately affects African Americans who account for approximately 12.6% of the U.S. population, but roughly 35% of all abortions," says the post. "Out of all Planned Parenthood surgical abortion facilities, 79% are located in or within walking distance of minority communities."

After Dungy posted his pro-life message, he predictably received some backlash from the feminist world. True to form, however, Dungy didn't back down — he engaged.
 Source: Daily Wire
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