The Story The Pro Refugee Crowd Would Like to Pretend Doesn't Exist

  • Jan 8, 2016
  • Source: AAN
  • by: AAN Staff

The liberal media isn't going to like this story. President Obama's no questions asked refugee policy is something commentators have discussed for weeks, but practical notions of what it might look like if it became the de facto policy of the United States to accept broad swaths of Arab immigrants didn't really exist. Until now:

It was almost too insane of a story to believe, but the stunning report out of Cologne, Germany on Arab rape gangs was sadly all too true.

German officials finally admitted Monday that around 1,000 men of “North African or Arab” appearance were involved in sexual assaults and robbings against at least 90 women in Cologne on New Year’s Eve. The attacks, which police believe were coordinated between the hundreds of men involved, had a similar pattern: A lone woman would be surrounded by a dozen or so men and be aggressively fondled and have her belongings and clothes ripped away as the assaulters rejoiced. At least one woman was full-on raped during her attack.

The same mob also set off firecrackers dangerously close to Cologne’s world-famous cathedral and created a scene of pure anarchy on the night celebrating the arrival of 2016.


A bouncer who witnessed the sordid affair said it looked like a “civil war” was going on and reported that women were pleading with him and other guards to protect them from the roving hordes. That same bouncer said he saw numerous men brutally beaten for the offense of trying to shield their female friends from assault by the Arab crowds.

The attacks in Germany, and the previous attacks in France, should be a wakeup call for a Western world that spends oodles of time apologizing for itself and very little attempting to assimiliate those who arrive on our shores from failed, morally bankrupt, backwards cultures. Until the West is ready to reassert the moral superiority of our civilization, we simply can't accept Arab immigrants on a massive scale. 


 Source: AAN
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