The Liberal CEO Who Tweeted About Hating Middle America Just Got Busted

Melinda Byerley, the CEO of a San Francisco-based marketing company, sent out a tweet attacking “Middle America” and the Midwest. She called midwestern cities a “shithole with stupid people.” Byerley also called “middle America” racists and bigots who don’t want “brown people to thrive.”

According to Byerley’s LinkedIn profile, she attended Illinois Wesleyan University for undergrad. The university is located in Bloomington, Illinois, which isn’t exactly a big city. Perhaps her hatred of the Midwest is due to some terrible experiences as a student and growing up there. She may have been teased and made fun of and she carries that rage inside her to this day. Maybe she was too much of a geek for the Midwest and left the region as soon as she could and headed to San Francisco where could find like minded people. But most people do eventually move on these traumatic experiences.
One of the reasons why Donald Trump was elected president was because people outside of the major cities are tired of being looked down upon by coastal elitists. They’re tired of being called bigots because they choose to live their lives by traditional values  and being ignored in national policy discussions. They voted for Donald Trump to give these people a wake up call.
As Mickey White at RedState wrote, “These authoritarian, condescending liberals love class warfare. It makes them feel like they are better than those who live in flyover country. Same people will spend hours telling you the benefits of Farm to Table food and the need for local food sources though. As they pay twelve dollars a jar for pickles.” People are tired of being preached to by people who feel they are superior to them.
Not only are people tired of elitism from the left, they’re tired of hypocrisy. Byerley’s company prides itself on hiring only native English speakers from the United States. There’s one problem with that, it’s a violation of Federal civil rights laws that forbid employment discrimination based on national origin.
Suzanne Lucas of Inc. made the discovery, based upon the reporting of journalist Don Surber, that Byerley was violating Federal employment laws. Lucas sites the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s own definition of national origin discrimination to prove that Byerley was in violation of the law.
Lucas, who lives in Switzerland, also made this point about Byerley’s xenophobia and bigotry.

Many global businesses operate in English, and while the non-native speakers may have an accent that reveals their mother-tongue, you'd be hard pressed to claim they weren't speaking clearly, knowledgeably, and with a knock your socks off kind of vocabulary. (A few weeks ago, at church, Hans, a native German speaker asked me, in English, to give the "invocation." I said, "Where did you learn that word? Why not ask me to give the opening prayer?" He was confused as to why I was confused that his vocabulary wouldn't include such a word. He has language skills.)

The left lectures people on bigotry, but they themselves are often bigoted. Donald Trump was the big backlash to this hypocrisy. If the left continues, there could be a bigger backlash.


 Source: American Action News
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