The Democratic Party Doesn't Want White Women

  • 2018-01-08
  • Source: AAN
  • by: Remington Strelivo
The Democratic Party Doesn't Want White Women
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On Sunday, the Democratic Party tweeted out every type of women they wanted to hold political office.

Guess who was missing from the list? White women and Christian women.

The party tweeted: "Let's elect: Black women, LGBT women, Muslim women, disabled women, Jewish women, Latina women, millennial women, Jewish women [sic], AAPI women." They finished with: "More. Women."
Given the party's insistence on listing every demographic, it's jarring that the two most prominent groups of women in the nation were left out.

Twitter users noticed the surprising snub immediately.

"Hmmm... no Christian women?  Guess they might not fit the agenda. Your inability to mention them is deafening," wrote a user named Dawn Burwick.

User Laura Mason agreed: "How about we elect people based on merit?? Those best suited for the job regardless of skin color, gender, or religion? Enough with the identity politics and sowing of division."

A user named Marie was more succinct: "Democrats are discriminating against white women."

A user identified as Mike replied, adding, "Is anyone surprised that white, Christian women aren't wanted and have no place within the Democrat Party? I'm not surprised."

This instance isn't the first time the Democratic Party faced accusations of anti-white racism. In November, an email from the DNC's data services manager advertising available jobs cautioned readers to "not forward to cisgender straight white males."
 Source: AAN
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