The Border Is A War Zone We Need To Be Protected From

The Border Is A War Zone We Need To Be Protected From
REYNOSA, Tamaulipas — Gulf Cartel gunmen once again fired their weapons at innocent families traveling from Monterrey to Texas. The criminals fired their weapons when a vehicle traveling along the highway refused to stop during a carjacking.

One of the relatives used a cell phone to record the damage that two bullets had caused to the vehicle. In her video, the woman points out how one shot entered the back, blowing out the rear windshield–making its way to through the rear-view mirror and out the front.

A second shot went into through the rear bumper near the passenger tire.

The failed highway robbery took place this week when a family riding in a light gray SUV drove from the Monterrey metropolitan area to the border city of San Juan, Texas. As the family drove through one of the main roads that lead through the city, they were met by a team of gunmen.
 Source: Breitbart News
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