The Amount of Money Paid To Illegals By Los Angeles Will Shock You

  • 08/07/2017
  • Source: AAN
  • by: Remington Strelivo
Illegal immigrants received nearly $1.3 billion in welfare money from Los Angeles County during 2015 and 2016, according to Fox News.

That gigantic sum comes out to about 25% of what Los Angeles County spent on welfare during that period—showing that illegal immigrants are, in fact, putting huge pressure on the beleaguered welfare systems in the United States.

Los Angeles is a sanctuary city, with large numbers of illegal immigrants from Mexico—it’s commonly called the second most populous city in by Mexican population, after Mexico City. It’s controversial welfare rules allow illegal immigrants with American-born children to seek welfare and food stamp benefits.

However, even as Los Angeles and other cities in California continue to rail against Donald Trump, they’re reaping the benefits of his hardline immigration policies. Los Angeles County is expected to spend $200 million less in 2017 than 2016, due to 8,000 fewer illegal families collecting benefits.

“The amazing thing is that everyone was expecting a big wall to stop [illegal immigration],” said former state Republican Party Chairman Shawn Steel. But he adds that a wall wasn’t even necessary: “The decrease has been enhanced dramatically by ICE agents just doing their job.”
 Source: AAN
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