Supremes Deal Win to Pro-Lifers, But Here's the Bad News

  • 2018-06-26
  • Source: AAN
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Supremes Deal Win to Pro-Lifers, But Here's the Bad News
The Supreme Court announced in a ruling made public today that the government cannot force pro-life organizations to promote abortion.

The decision annulled California law demanding pregnancy resource centers "notify" their clientele about the ease and availability of tax-funded "abortion services."

Here's the bad news. (The Daily Wire)

Four Supreme Court Justices expressly condoned the idea that the State can compel speech. Of course, two of them already came out in favor of compelled speech with the Masterpiece Cakeshop case. But this is quite a bit different. Colorado sought to force a baker to bake a cake, which was tyrannical and Orwellian enough. California, on the other hand, sought to force pro-life pregnancy centers to do the opposite of what they are designed to do.

The "bakers should bake cakes for everyone" logic, dumb as it was, doesn't apply here. Pro-life organizations are in the business of providing pro-life resources. California wasn't forcing them to provide those resources to everyone, rather, it was seeking to prevent them from doing so. It had essentially declared that purely pro-life pregnancy centers are not allowed to exist. Any organization in the business of dealing with pregnant women must also be in the business of promoting abortion, California declared. And four Supreme Court justices shouted "Amen."

We ought to celebrate that the self-evidently correct decision was ultimately made. But we ought to shudder that it was made so narrowly. Free speech is hanging by a thread in this country. And if the First Amendment is eventually abolished -- which would have been the effective result had this vote gone the other way -- it will quite likely happen in the name of "reproductive rights." As I have been arguing for years, abortion is the holy sacrament of the Left. All other considerations must be tossed to the side for the sake of protecting and promoting it.

By a 5-4 margin the Supreme Court declined to tear the Bill of Rights apart to punish pro-lifers. That reality should make conservatives everywhere shudder. 
 Source: AAN
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