Super Progressive Nonprofit Accused of 'Caligula-Style' Orgies

  • 2018-02-11
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Super Progressive Nonprofit Accused of 'Caligula-Style' Orgies
WASHINGTON – One of the biggest charities in the world is under fire for relief efforts in Haiti in which young local prostitutes were hired for “Caligula-style” sex parties by its workers – then covered up reports of the debauchery, possibly even involving minors.

The U.K.-based Oxfam, with offices in Washington and Boston, maintains a super-“progressive” mission statement that boasts about its work to improve the lives of woman and girls around the world who it maintains suffer disproportionately from poverty, permitted three workers to resign and fired four others after investigating the incidents, but also gave, at least some, positive references.

Its own internal report did not mention the potential of sex crimes having been perpetrated against minors in Haiti in 2011, except to say allegations were unproven. It did say there are no allegations of abuse of beneficiaries of its relief efforts.


Oxfam’s work in Haiti in 2011 was in response to the devastating earthquake that hit the impoverished Caribbean nation in 2010.
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