Senate Dem Hopeful Challenged Over Homeless Claim

  • 2018-09-25
  • Source: AAN
  • by: AAN Staff
A new report casts doubt on a Senate Democratic hopeful's claim of coming from humble beginnings. 

Per Fox News:

Kyrsten Sinema, a congresswoman who’s running against Republican Martha McSally in one of the highest-profile midterm races, came under fire after her repeated claims that she was homeless and lived in an abandoned gas station in Florida with no running water or electricity were called into question.

The New York Times obtained court records detailing her parents’ payments for an electric, phone and gas bill while they were living in the abandoned gas station – contradicting some aspects of her story. 

The records were part of her parents’ divorce case, in which Sinema’s mother and her stepfather revealed their monthly payments for utilities while living in the service station, which was owned by the stepfather’s parents.

“We are unable to provide adequately for the children,” the stepfather wrote to the court, adding that his “bills will exceed $2,000 and I will only bring in $1,500.”

Sinema's story of growing up in an abandoned gas station has persistently remained a theme during her political campaigns.
 Source: AAN
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