WATCH: Seattle Coffee Shop BANS Christians

  • 10/04/2017
  • Source: AAN
  • by: Remington Strelivo
Over the past 15 years, nationwide attention has routinely focused on gay couples asking Christian bakeries to bake wedding cakes—but one man seems unlikely to return the favor.

A coffee shop in Seattle, whose owner happens to be gay, refused service to a group of Christians who had come in for a cup of joe after leading a pro-life protest.

The group, which had been respectfully engaging people in Seattle for several days and handing out literature in the streets, stopped into Bedlam Coffee for a drink.

Soon after, the owner of the cafe approached the group—saying that he found one of their pamphlets on the ground outside and that they would have to leave.

“We were all taken aback because we had no idea what he was talking about,” said group member Caytie Davis, according to The Liberator. “None of us had dropped anything in the store. But we told him yes, it was one that we had been handing out in the city and asked where he’d found it. He told us he found it outside.”

When the group asked why the owner refused to serve them, he told them he found the pamphlet offensive.

After a tense argument with the coffee shop owner, the group agreed to leave. Of course, they found the discriminatory behavior they encountered very hypocritical, but everyone was emphatic that they didn’t want to see Bedlam Coffee driven out of business.

“They had good coffee,” Davis added. “It’s just too bad the service sucked.”
 Source: AAN
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