Rollins Details How Stacked Mueller's Probe Is...

  • 2018-12-20
  • Source: AAN
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Rollins Details How Stacked Mueller's Probe Is...
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Republican campaign consultant, Ed Rollins, a consummate Washington insider, revealed in a Fox News op-ed how the pernicious influence of the Mueller probe attempted to bring down the Trump administration from the beginning.

Rollins writes:

Washington is a town full of powerful people. But right now the storyline is that only two people really matter – a president under siege, and an unelected prosecutor who is leading the charge to prove that the president is unworthy of his high office.

President Trump is outraged that his presidency is being damaged and distracted. On a daily basis, he is unable to control the narrative. His mission of trying to reinvigorate an economy and stabilize a workforce, and also deal in a world that is more challenging by the day, is not the story the media focuses on.

The president has to be frustrated by the daily threat of Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his band of prosecutors nipping at his heels. With the possible exception of Fox News Channel and a few other conservative media outlets, the establishment media is blasting the White House daily and waiting for the next news tidbit to drop.

The president's daily tweets are just a drop of water compared to the waterfall of attacks against him that run wall-to-wall in our media. But unlike most political people, this president is tough and won't run from a fight. His only problem is figuring out the rules of the game, and there are no obvious ones. Since this is a judicial investigation, the rules of the legal system should prevail. But the prosecutor always has an advantage -- as we have recently seen.

Rollins, 75, is a Republican campaign consultant best known as the National Campaign Director for President Reagan's re-election.
 Source: AAN
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