REPORT: Liberal Canada's Immigrant Detention Centers Worse Than America's

  • 2018-06-21
  • Source: AAN
  • by: AAN Staff
REPORT: Liberal Canada's Immigrant Detention Centers Worse Than America's
With the media and liberals on his side, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau doesn't know how good he has it.

The far-left Prime Minister goes even further than President Trump in detaining illegal immigrants and gets zero attention, scrutiny, and criticism for it.

Trudeau himself decided to pile on the besieged American president, possibly to push the spotlight away from his alleged pervy transgressions.

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"What's going on in the United States is wrong," said Prime Minister Trudeau yesterday. "I cannot imagine what the families are going through. This is not how we do things in Canada."

Yet, that's exactly how they do things with migrant children in Canda. (CBC)

But Canada has also detained migrant children — and in some cases, has restricted access to their asylum-seeking parents — despite its stated policy to do whatever possible to avoid it.

Last year, 151 minors were detained with their parents in Canadian immigration holding centres.

Eleven others were held in custody unaccompanied by an adult, according to the Canada Border Services Agency. The CBSA would not speculate on the circumstances surrounding why a minor was unaccompanied.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation said that children are detained in prison-like conditions its reporter described as "frightening.":

The holding centres, which are off limits to the public, resemble medium-security prisons. They are surrounded by razor-wire fences and kept under surveillance by guards.

The average time a child is kept detained in such conditions is 13 days. One recent case had a six-year-old girl behind bars for over six months.
 Source: AAN
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