The 51st State? Vote Takes Place Sunday...

The 51st State? Vote Takes Place Sunday...
This Sunday, Puerto Rico will vote on its territorial status, choosing among statehood, independence and the status quo. The vote will have no practical impact. But if Puerto Rico votes in favor of becoming the 51st state, it will be in conflict with Congress, which has the power to change the territory’s status but is reluctant to do so.

Exactly what does it mean that Puerto Rico is a territory, not a state?

Puerto Rico is a non-incorporated territory of the United States, with autonomy but not sovereignty. That means it has its own constitution, set of laws and elected officials, but its laws and decisions are subject to override by the U.S. government — which Puerto Rico does not help elect.

Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens, but with fewer rights and responsibilities than residents of the 50 states. Puerto Ricans cannot vote for the president; like the District of Columbia, they send a non-voting delegate to Congress. They do not pay many federal taxes and receive far less support for social programs from the federal government than states.
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