Progressive Wins By 13 Votes, Then Does the Unthinkable in Courtroom Outburst

  • 2018-06-07
  • Source: AAN
  • by: AAN Staff
Mariah Parker, a 26-year-old progressive activist and amateur hip-hop artist won a local Georgia election by a mere 13 votes last month. 

Parker took her oath of office Tuesday upon "The Autobiography of Malcolm X" – not a Bible. 

Footage from the courtroom captured Parker repeat the oath with her right fist raised in homage to the controversial Nation of Islam leader whose life was claimed by an assassin's bullet in 1965. (TheBlaze)

The University of Georgia doctoral candidate in linguistics is also known by her hip-hop stage name, Lingua Franca.

“My platform centers around economic and racial justice,” Parker told the Red & Black. “The policies of this town have been structured, deliberately, to ensure that a certain class of people will continue to thrive and a certain class of people will continue to not.”

Parker told the Flagpole that the local black community suffers from lack of resources.

“The racists have all the money, still, so it’s economically advantageous to cater to them,” she added to the Flagpole, which noted Parker’s top priority as a commissioner is earmarking 30 percent of Athens’ contracts for black- and Latino-owned companies.

Despite being in a dark-red part of Georgia, the city of Athens, thanks to the students and faculty at the University of Georgia, is an unabashedly liberal enclave.
 Source: AAN
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