Planned Parenthood Is In Big Trouble, For This Fraud Against the Taxpayers

Planned Parenthood Is In Big Trouble, For This Fraud Against the Taxpayers
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Planned Parenthood has been taking taxpayer dollars while selling its pharmaceutical affiliate’s birth control pills, the American Action League (ALL) wrote in its preliminary report on the “Planned Parenthood – Afaxys Connection” published July 6.

ALL, American’s largest Catholic pro-life organization, casts doubt on the relationship between pharmaceutical company Afaxys — which manages supply needs for public health providers including university, family planning, and community health clinics — and Planned Parenthood.

“Planned Parenthood has created its own for-profit company to market dangerous birth control chemicals that can kill the preborn and maim women,” Judie Brown, ALL president and co-founder, told Church Militant Tuesday. “We are not surprised with this new information … money is the only thing they care about.”

Ronda Dean, the co-founder and CEO of Afaxys, is a former vice president of Planned Parenthood, and former Planned Parenthood executives fill many of the company’s management positions, including spots at Afaxys’ parent company 416 Holdings, Inc., according to ALL’s document. The report states that multiple Planned Parenthood affiliates gave money to Afaxys in return for company stock.
 Source: The Daily Caller
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