One President Makes Ultimate Threat to United Nations

  • 2018-03-12
  • Source: AAN
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One President Makes Ultimate Threat to United Nations
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Phillippino President Rodrigo Duterte fired a rhetorical salvo in a scorched-Earth campaign against the United Nations, saying that he'd like to feed their human rights teams to crocodiles if they ever come to investigate his country's war on drugs.

This latest posturing follows pointed verbal jabs between UN bureaucrats and the outspoken Duterte. The head of the Human Rights Council suggested Duterte needed to subject himself to a psychiatric evaluation.

Human rights groups claim Duterte's aggressive tactics has claimed over 12,000 lives. The president argues that desperate times call for desperate measures.

Mr. Duterte's condemnation of the United Nations came as he addressed soldiers on the front lines on the island of Mindanao:

“If these fools come here, are there crocodiles here? The ones that eat people? Throw those sons of b****** to them,” he said, according to the Philippine Star.

 Source: AAN
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