Obama Says He'd Beat Trump. Is He Right?

Last week, in a sour grapes, end of the administration, nothingburger of a speech, Barack Obama casually mentioned that, were he eligible for a third term, he'd likely have defeated Donald Trump. We disagree wholeheartedly with this sentiment. At the Daily Caller, Phillip Stucky explains why it's so wrongheaded:

Politico’s Bill Scher unceremoniously yanked the one remaining leg out of President Barack Obama’s stool in a Wednesday op-ed that described Obama’s prospects had he run against President-elect Donald Trump.

Obama claimed in a Monday interview with CNN’s David Axelrod that his ground game would have gotten out the minority vote such that he would have surmounted Trump’s election efforts in 2016. Not so fast, Scher wrote, because Obama’s dream falls apart amid a wash of black activists who voiced disappointment in his presidency during the run up to the election.

New York Times columnist Nate Cohn asserted that if black turnout kept close to 2012 levels, Clinton would have won what turned out to be key states like Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Scher asserted that Obama’s low approval rating through much of the campaign only served to hurt Democrats overall. Dr. Cornell West, one of the country’s most prominent black activists, opposed Obama for several years as a “neoliberal,” and the Black Lives Matters movement criticized Obama for not taking their side with respect to protests.

That's certainly part of it. If we're to assume that a third Obama campaign would have included rhetoric consistent with the radical actions he's taken since Donald Trump was elected, it's possible that he might have alienated a lot of the swing voters he won in the past, and mobilized far more conservative voters than Trump did. 

Either way, it's all speculation. Sweet speculation, because the American people will be spared another four years of Obama's impotent, narcissistic, progressive reign. 

Thank God for that. 


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