New DNC Leak Reveals Top General Making Shocking Statements About Crooked Hillary

  • 2016-09-14
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A new set of leaked emails has arrived, and it appears that former Secretary of State Colin Powell expressed concerns about Hillary Clinton's health, among other things. As the Daily Caller's Kerry Pickett reports:

In one Leeds/Powell e-mail conversation going back to March 6, 2016 over a Politico article about Clinton’s primary loss in Maine, Leeds tells Powell that “no one like her and the criminal thing ain’t over. I don’t think the president would week if she found herself in real legal trouble. She’ll pummel his legacy if she gets a chance and he knows it.”

A year earlier, Powell asked Leeds if he read Peggy Noonan’s column about Clinton and her refusal to use a State Department e-mail and a private e-mail server instead. Leeds said he did and he agreed with “80 percent” of Noonan’s piece.

“Now it turns out that other State people were on the Clinton email so none of their emails were captured by the government. I think Hillary can’t believe she might not make it. It’s the one prize she wants. She has everything and she HATES that the president (‘that man’ as the Clintons call him) kicked her ass in 2008.”

In the same March 14, 2015 email, Powell cites his concern for Clinton’s health saying she was “working herself to death.” 

“On HD tv [sic] she doesn’t look good. She is working herself to death,” Powell wrote in the e-mail listing the “crummy press conference” she did at the UN, flying to San Francisco “to go to a paid gig for EBay and then went to Marc’s house to get ready for a money dinner for the Clinton Foundation.”  Powell went on to write that he “ducked her” later that evening when the two were “in Marc’s second house” for fear of being seen together and triggering “another email story.” Powell closed, “She will turn 70 her first year in office.”

Leeds responds that Rhode Island Democratic Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse is a “huge Clinton supporter” and told Leeds that both he and Clinton gave “speeches at the same event a few months back and she could barely climb the podium steps.”

It appears there's no love lost between the two former Secretaries of State. It's also interesting to note that Powell's email is dated in March of 2015, long before the campaign shifted into overdrive, and it's apparent to him that her health is questionable. 

More of Powell's statements are currently being reviewed, and we'll update this story as they become available.


 Source: AAN
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