MUST-SEE: Meghan McCain BLASTS Co-Hosts For Cheering Fake News

On "The View" Monday, Meghan McCain, one of the lone right-leaning voices on the show, condemned the response of her fellow co-hosts to a "bombshell" report by ABC News' Brian Ross that turned out to be "fake news."

After Joy Behar apologized for the now widely-mocked celebration, video of which the show proudly tweeted out before deleting, McCain was given the floor — and she didn't hold back.

"When it happened in real time, I think everyone watching the show could see my discomfort at the room erupting like the Dodgers just won the World Series," said McCain. "I think holding people to both standards — I remember when Obama was in office Rush Limbaugh saying I want my president to fail. I think when we're talking about something so egregious, it’s going to tear our country apart. There is no reason to be celebrating, cheering whatsoever."

"I went to a Christmas party this weekend. It is no secret most of my friends are in conservative media. I feel like I'm an astronaut trying to explain both worlds to each other," she continued.
 Source: Daily Wire
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