Mexicans Attacking Border Patrol Agents With Toxic Waste

Mexicans Attacking Border Patrol Agents With Toxic Waste
Mexico is attacking our border patrol agents...with the millions of gallons of trash and toxic chemicals they dump without little containment into the Tijuana River.

Fox News reports that the waste has reached critical levels, threatening the very health of America's border patrol agents, many of whom faced lung damage and a host of other ills due to the toxic chemicals. Meanwhile our United States government has done little to nothing to force Mexico into developing some ecological manners.

"Some 59 Border Patrol agents have reported getting sick in the last three months after exposure to pollutants while at work along the border," reports Fox News. "One agent suffered severe chemical burns on his feet after toxic chemicals burned through his boots, according to documentation provided by the U.S. Border Patrol Local 1613 Union."

Local 1613 Union has now threatened legal action to declare the area unfit for work, thus forcing all 300 agents at the Imperial Beach Border Patrol station to "abandon their posts along the vast border between San Diego and Mexico."
 Source: Daily Wire
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