Melania vs. Hillary, New Poll Shows Who's On Top

Melania vs. Hillary, New Poll Shows Who's On Top
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President Trump may not be the most popular president Gallup has ever seen, but his wife is rocking it.

According to a recent Fox News poll, Melania Trump's approval ratings have increased by 14 points since the last poll was taken in December and by 16 points since the first poll was taken in August. While Melania's 51 percent approval rating does not measure up to former First Lady Michelle Obama's (73 percent), she is doing dramatically better than her husband in the polls and is even more popular than former First Lady Hillary Clinton.

While in the White House, Clinton had an approval rating of about 49 percent, which her husband Bill trumped her with his approval rating of 51 percent during the first year of his presidency.

Despite this, Gallup noted it is “not uncommon” for first ladies to be more popular than their husbands, most likely because “their role is far less controversial than that of the president, which often results in less partisan ratings of the first lady.”
 Source: Independent Journal Review
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