Media Calls Christian Lawyers a Hate Group After Sessions Speech

In a stunning set of articles Wednesday evening, several media organizations smeared a prominent Christian legal organization as a “hate group.”

The Alliance Defending Freedom, a non-profit legal organization that specializes in First Amendment cases, is a respected legal organization that recently represented Trinity Lutheran Church before the Supreme Court — winning a 7-2 victory just last month.

But NBC News, ABC News, Mediaite, Newsweek and The Daily Beast all portrayed ADF as an anti-gay “hate group” in their coverage of a speech that Attorney General Jeff Sessions gave at an event for the group earlier this week.

The news outlets all relied on the Southern Poverty Law Center, a left-wing group that frequently smears conservatives as “extremists,” as the basis for labeling ADF a “hate group.” The SPLC includes ADF on its list of “hate groups” — the same list that inspired left-wing shooter Floyd Lee Corkins in to open fire at the Family Research Council, a conservative nonprofit, in 2012.
 Source: The Daily Caller
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