MASSIVE Illegal Alien Raid Nabs Child Predators, MS-13, Other Notorious Criminals

  • 2018-12-08
  • Source: AAN
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MASSIVE Illegal Alien Raid Nabs Child Predators, MS-13, Other Notorious Criminals
By Police (Wikipedia Commons) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
A five-day operation orchestrated by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in New Jersey has taken 105 foreign nationals in the United States illegally into custody.

The vast majority of those arrested "had prior criminal convictions and/or pending criminal charges." (Daily Wire)

None of the suspects were named, but descriptions of some of them and their crimes were included in the statement. Individuals arrested came from 24 countries around the world, including Canada, Egypt, Guatemala, Korea, Mexico, Poland, and Russia. They were found across the state of New Jersey, and two were arrested in New York. Their ages ranged from 18 to 65 and their crimes varied from fraud to drugs to child abuse to theft.

Four of the individuals arrested had Interpol warrants out for their arrest for crimes they had committed in their home countries. A 59-year-old Korean national was wanted “for the crime of indecent acts by compulsion causing bodily injury,” according to the ICE statement. A 44-year-old Korean national was wanted for distributing psychotropic drugs, a 34-year-old Ecuadorian national was wanted for fraud, and a 54-year-old Russian national was wanted for large-scale fraud.


Several others were arrested for crimes against children, including a 35-year-old Ecuadorian national convicted of forcibly touching a child, a 52-year-old Mexican national had been convicted of “promoting prostitution with a child,” a 34-year-old Honduran national convicted of endangering the welfare of a child, and a 43-year-old Canadian national convicted of selling drugs on school grounds.

Several members of violent gangs were arrested during the operation as well, including at least one member of MS-13. At least one member of the 18th street gang, a rival to MS-13 known as “Barrio 18” in Central America, and a member of the Surenos-13th street gang were arrested.

ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations oversaw the operation. They received operational support from the department's Homeland Security Investigations and U.S. Customs and Border Protection's New Jersey Field Office.
 Source: AAN
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