Male Democrat ATTACKS Female Republican Opponent

  • 2018-10-25
  • Source: AAN
  • by: AAN Staff
Male Democrat ATTACKS Female Republican Opponent
The "war on women" is a favorite trope used by Democrats to describe Republicans' supposed treatment of women. However, the Left, time and again, fails to live up to their own standards.

The Daily Wire reports:

After a candidate forum Tuesday night, State Rep. Greg Leding (D-Fayetteville) approached the stage where his opponent, Republican Dawn Clemence, was still standing. Footage from the incident shows Leding walk up to the base of the stage and being speaking to Clemence. He then starts pointing a finger at her before climbing onto the stage and getting up close to Clemence. He continues to approach her as she backs away, before putting his hand on her shoulder. He then abruptly walks away.

Another angle, posted by an account linked to State Sen. Trent Garner (R-El Dorado), shows what happens on the other side of the column from the first video.


Leding initially dismissed what the video shows, saying he was responding to Clemence.

“My opponent called out to me from the stage. So she wouldn't have to lean down to talk, I joined her on the stage,” he said. “I apologize for patting her shoulder as we parted.”

Clemence harshly criticized Leding's accounting, telling her opponent via the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, "I would remind you that I do have your Facebook Live feed and audio. That is [a] bold-faced lie. Unprovoked, you were pointing your finger and yelling at me, using vulgar language, intimidating me, blocking me and threatening me."
 Source: AAN
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