Major Newspaper Caught in Blackface Scandal

  • 2019-02-23
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Major Newspaper Caught in Blackface Scandal
USA Today's editor-in-chief offered a rare mea culpa this week after a review of a college yearbook she edited found she published a blackface photo. (The Daily Caller)

The photo was discovered in the 1989 Arizona State University yearbook during an investigation by the USA Today network following Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s blackface scandal.

Nicole Carroll, the top editor at USA Today, was the editor-in-chief of the ASU yearbook the year that the racist photo was published. The photo reportedly shows individuals at a Halloween party dressed as Mike Tyson and Robin Givens and wearing blackface.

“The news is full of blackface pictures. There can be no debate about whether or not such images are racist and hurtful. They are,” Carroll said in a statement. “It was recently brought to my attention that I was involved in publishing such a photo when I was in college. I am sorry for the hurt I caused back then and the hurt it will cause today.”

Carroll added that she has no memory of publishing the photo and regrets her mistake, touting her efforts to increase diversity in the newsroom as evidence that she has grown since she was in college.

Gov. Northam's racist yearbook photo started a broad sweep of contemporary yearbooks by USA Today to determine the prevalence of racist photos in the 1980s.
 Source: AAN
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