Mainstream Media Destroys Life of Autistic Woman

  • 2019-01-04
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Mainstream Media Destroys Life of Autistic Woman
Another story of a white person calling the cops on a black person – supposedly motivated by racial biases – shouldn't surprise you. 

But the coverage it received should. (The Daily Caller)

On a midsummer day in July, Darsell Obregon ducked under an apartment building to shelter herself from the rain while waiting for an Uber. Minutes later, the front door swung open and out walked a 19-year-old girl who demanded that Obregon leave the premises immediately. The resident’s name is Arabelle Torres, a 19-year-old student at Brooklyn College who also has autism.

“I came downstairs and a woman was standing as I am right now and wouldn’t leave,” Torres, who was describing the seeds of events that led her life to change, said to me while standing outside of her home in Park Slope. What might have been an unremarkable high-strung incident that occurs hundreds of times a day in New York City, ended up becoming a fake news story that race-baited an incident without credible evidence of bigotry.

“Hey, ma’am, this is private property. Could you please move?” Torres recounts saying to Obregon, an assistant to fashion model Ashley Graham, who “just flat-out refused” to leave the premises.

“After about ten times of me saying, ‘Ma’am, go. This is private property,’ [Obregon] still refused. So I called the cops,” Torres said. “As a person with autism, I [was] scared. When somebody is blocking me from leaving … it is a big problem. And I was alone in that situation.”

As Torres dialed 911, Obregon took out her phone and began recording. Later that night, she found out Obregon posted the exchange on social media, including hashtags associated with racial tensions.

Torres received a torrent of hate on social media.

From Torres' perspective, her Autism is exacerbated in such circumstances. Her experiences with Obregon and afterward match the triggering criteria from The Journal of Abnormal Psychology.
 Source: AAN
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