Liberal Mayor BUSTED Trying To Hide The Truth About Minimum Wage

Liberal Mayor BUSTED Trying To Hide The Truth About Minimum Wage
By Ryan Georgi
A new report by the Washington Free Beacon blows the lid off of the already highly suspect story of the City of Seattle's two conflicting minimum wage reports. Through a Freedom of Information Act request, WFB had a chance to review emails between Seattle's Democratic Mayor Ed Murray, a big wig union PR firm, and the supposedly "unbiased" research team at University of California, Berkeley headed up by Michael Reich. The Free Beacon found egregious collusion between the three to squash clear evidence that the city's minimum wage policy was hurting workers.

Seattle has been one of the more aggressive "Fight for $15" cities in the country and is currently in the middle of a staged wage increase on the way to that magical "living wage" number. But when Mayor Murray (who recently announced that he won't be running for re-election amid allegations of child sexual abuse, which he denies) and his fellow progressive colleagues in Seattle realized that the forthcoming extensive study by the University of Washington of the city's 2016 wage increase to $13 was going to show that the policy has actually hurt rather than helped residents — particularly low-skilled and entry-level workers (to the tune of $179 a month) — Murray et al sprung into action. 

The Free Beacon highlights how Murray's office reached out to pro-minimum wage economist Michael Reich at UC Berkeley to "rush" a study that would conclude that the $13 wage hike was really helping citizens. In the process, the mayor's office instructed the supposedly "unbiased" Reich to eliminate any reference to the damaging UW study: 

"Leave the critique of the UW study until later," mayoral staffer Carlo Caldirola-Davis said in an email obtained through a public records request from the pro-free market think tank Employment Policies Institute. "The release still calls out the UW study. Don't want your positive news to serve as a teaser for the UW study."
 Source: Daily Wire
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