Liberal Canadian Leader Wants YOU in a Detention Camp

  • 2018-06-22
  • Source: AAN
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Liberal Canadian Leader Wants YOU in a Detention Camp
The president of the Liberal Party’s Vancouver constituency association said supporters of President Donald Trump should be sent to detention camps after having their children taken away from them.

From Daily Caller:

Mark Elyas, who is the president of the Liberal Party’s Vancouver constituency association, made the comments — and more — in a Thursday evening Facebook diatribe that has since been removed. The Toronto Sun screen-saved many of the posts before Elyas could remove them. The post is entitled “Mr. President, F**k You!” It was apparently issued in response to the ongoing controversy surrounding the separation of child migrants from their parents in the U.S.

“Trump is a bigot, homophobe, racist, and misogynist. He can go f— himself,” Elyas rants, before asking a responder, “Why are you on (my) personal page? We aren’t even friends. In fact, you can f**k yourself, too, you racist Trump supporter.”Dozens of people responded to his public post, suggesting someone representing a Canadian political party shouldn’t be using such profane language over social media or making such extreme statements.

Elyas dismissed that as “typical for all Trump supporters.”When described as “a bigot” himself, Elyas said he was. “I am. I exclusively discriminate against Trump supporters. They are subhuman pieces of shit, and are exactly what’s wrong with the world.” He continued, by suggesting those supporters “need to be rounded up and placed in camps away from public view,” while “Their kids should be taken away from them for child abuse.”

“I will put it out there: I hate Donald Trump and everything he and his supporters represent; mainly white supremacy; racism; misogyny; xenophobia; homophobia; and fascism,” read the defense. He then said he had no plans of resigning from his role with the Liberal Party. That post was deleted as well but caught by the Toronto Sun.

The good news: liberals aren't just nasty in America. The bad news: well, the same as the good news. On the bright side, at least victims of Trump Derangement Syndrome will have plenty of likeminded company when they finally leave (we can't wait). Our last question: was the liberal in the article in this crowd?

 Source: AAN
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