Kid Rock Has A Message For His Political Opponents

  • 07/27/2017
  • Source: AAN
  • by: Remington Strelivo
Despite launching a campaign site, Kid Rock is still unsure if he’s running for U.S. Senate in Michigan in 2018. But he does know that Democrats are already terrified of the prospect of having to run against the popular singer.

Or, as Kid Rock—whose real name is Robert Richie—put it in a news update on his website, “The democrats are 'shattin’ in their pantaloons' right now…and rightfully so!”

He’s not wrong: a recent poll showed that the Republican Richie was leading the Democratic incumbent, Sen. Debbie Stabenow, by a whopping 4 points. While the majority of the race is still undecided, that’s bad news for both Democrats in a state that Trump narrowly won in 2016—and for national Democrats, who have a difficult road to taking back the Senate.

While Richie mulls his final decision about a Senate run, he’s continuing his political activity regardless.

“During this time while exploring my candidacy for US Senate, I am creating a 501(c)(4) - a non-profit organization for the promotion of voter registration,” he explained. “Not only can I raise money for this critical cause, but I can help get people registered to vote at my shows.”

While his website is currently selling shirts that say “Kid Rock for Senate,” he added that, “money raised at this time through the sale of merchandise associated with this very possible campaign will go towards our 'register to vote' efforts.”

Richie has already waded into the political arena before, campaigning with Mitt Romney in 2012 and supporting Donald Trump in 2016. If Richie ran and won in 2018, he wouldn’t be the only entertainer serving in U.S. Senate—Sen. Al Franken of Minnesota was a popular comedian on “Saturday Night Live.”
Richie plans to decide in six weeks whether or not he’s running, and announced his decision at a press conference. He wrote that, if he does decide to run, Democrats won’t know what hit them: ”If I decide to throw my hat in the ring for US Senate, believe me… it’s game on mthrfkers.
 Source: AAN
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