Kid Rock Accused Of Violating Campaign Finance Law

  • 09/01/2017
  • Source: MLIVE
  • by: Lauren Gibbons
Kid Rock Accused Of Violating Campaign Finance Law
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Kid Rock might not have formally announced a run for U.S Senate last month when he released a "Kid Rock for Senate" website, but one group is formally accusing him of violating campaign finance law by doing so. 

Washington, D.C.-based organization Common Cause filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Justice and the Federal Election Commission Friday accusing musician Kid Rock -- whose real name is Robert Ritchie -- of violating campaign finance rules during his flirtation with a run for U.S. Senate. 

The complaint argues that despite the musician's statements to the contrary, Ritchie should be considered a candidate based on the merchandise sold and the continued existence of the Kid Rock for Senate website, and has violated the law by not disclosing campaign contributions. 

"Regardless of whether Kid Rock says he's only exploring candidacy, he's selling 'Kid Rock for Senate' merchandise and is a candidate under the law," said Paul S. Ryan, the group's vice president for policy and litigation. "This is campaign finance law 101...he can't reasonably claim to be merely testing the waters of candidacy and thus exempt from candidate filing requirements."
 Source: MLIVE
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