Kavanaugh Opposition Hits New Low

Kavanaugh Opposition Hits New Low
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If the liberal media is to be believed, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has taken quite a beating over the last week.

But he’s calmly handled himself with grace throughout the process. The same cannot be said of the left.

As calm as Judge Kavanaugh has remained, Democrats find themselves on the opposite end of the spectrum: Bitter, unhinged and downright reckless. Adjectives cannot properly describe the lows to which Senate Democrats — and their supporters — have sunk to undermine President Trump. Senators with decades of experience now resemble petulant children, obsessed with playing up their #Resistance bona fides with no regard for the embarrassing optics we see today.

Fortunately, their #Resistance is about as effective as the Trump protesters flooding (and being ejected from) the Senate halls — which is to say, not at all. As Kavanaugh answered question after question with class and dignity, the questioners became less classy and less dignified.
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