Judge's Massive Move to Own the Libs

  • 2018-11-08
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Judge's Massive Move to Own the Libs
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Glenn Devlin, a District Court judge in Houston – among 59 Republican jurists in Harris County defeated Tuesday night – released all the juvenile defendants in his docket. 

Devlin's told their lawyers, "Hey, look, this is obviously what the voters wanted." 

Republicans throughout Harris County ran ads warning that Democrats would be soft on crime. 

Per the Washington Post:

Devlin asked the children first whether they planned to kill anybody.

Steve Halpert, the chief of the juvenile division of the Harris County Public Defender’s office in Houston, said that he had previously asked Devlin three times to release a client accused of aggravated robbery, to no avail. On Wednesday, Devlin granted the request unceremoniously.

“'If I release you, are you going to go out and kill anybody?'” Halpert quoted Devlin as saying to his client and others.

The defendants, of course, said no.

Devlin didn't respond to press inquiries.
 Source: AAN
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