January’s Worst Examples Of Liberal Media Bias

  • 2018-01-30
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January’s Worst Examples Of Liberal Media Bias
Carlos Latuff [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Unfortunately, the mainstream media's lack of objectivity is nothing new.

From the New York Times' willingness to ignore genocides carried out by the Soviet government under Joseph Stalin to the press corps' declaration that America lost the war in Vietnam during the Tet Offensive exactly 50 years ago – despite inflicting ten times as many casualties on the communists, the elite media has parroted leftist talking points for decades.

Under President Trump, that bias has become even more vicious.

These ten examples – from January – show how bad things have gotten. While some are predictable like #2, we had to add a bonus at the end because it raised such glaring red flags.

CLICK HERE TO BEGIN – and make sure you see our bonus story at the end (H/T NewsBusters)!

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