Is This Major Polling Company Rigging the Election for Hillary?

  • 2016-08-03
  • Source: AAN
  • by: Remington Strelivo
Is Reuters—one of the most trusted news brands in the world—rigging their own polls to make sure Hillary Clinton stays in the lead?

Legendary Democratic pollster, Pat Caddell, seems to think so.

In a recent interview with Breitbart News, Caddell claimed that Reuters had modified their polling process to skew results towards Hillary Clinton—and had even gone back to change the results of old polls that showed Trump leading.
Beginning on July 29, Reuters dropped the “Neither” answer from their daily tracking polls, when asking voters whether they preferred Democrat Hillary Clinton or Republican Donald Trump for President.

While that itself might raise eyebrows, considering how many voters still appear to be undecided, the bigger issue is that Reuters also went back to “reinterpret” their most recent polls using their new methodology—and polls swung widely to Hillary Clinton.

Caddell called Reuters’ tampering both “unprecedented” and “dangerous”--and believes that many of those selecting “Neither” on recent Reuters/Ipsos presidential tracking polls may have been instead counted as votes for Hillary Clinton, and done so intentionally.

According to Reuters, their justification for changing the survey parameters was necessary for accuracy. Basically, they suggested that, with so many voters turned off by the negative tone of the race, too many were opting for “Neither”—while actually knowing who they were going to vote for.

Reuters, essentially, said their new methodology will help them figure out who voters are really voting for, even if they reported “Neither” to pollsters.

But Caddell thinks something far more sinister is at play. He cited two polls from last week’s Reuter’s rolling polls: July 25, and July 26, which were “reinterpreted” by Reuters to adhere to their new criteria.

“On July 25, [Reuters] originally reported: Trump 40.3 percent and Clinton 37.2 percent, which was a Trump margin of 2.8,” said Caddell. “They… changed that data to be: Clinton 40.9 and Trump 38.4, which is a 2.5 margin for Clinton.”

On July 26, Caddell cited a similar swing towards Clinton. The poll originally had Donald Trump up by 5.2 points, with 41.5% to Hillary’s 36.3%. After Reuters new methodology was applied, the poll now showed a radically different result—with Hillary instead leading Trump by 3.6 points.

Caddell explained further: “What you get is an 8.8 percentage point margin change, almost nine points swinging from one candidate, based on some phony, some bizarre allocation theory that you claim you know where these people are or you are just leaving them out.”

Regardless of whether Reuters’ polls are becoming more accurate or less accurate, the American people will ultimately have the final say when they pick their choice for President on November 8.
 Source: AAN
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