Is the Attack on a Special Needs Teen a Hate Crime? Liberal Loon Weighs In (VIDEO)

  • 01/05/2017
  • Source: AAN
  • by: AAN Staff
A group of black teenagers kidnapped and beat a bound white teenager while screaming "F**K Donald Trump!" "F**K White People!" emerged yesterday, leaving many Americans angered and horrified. Was it a hate crime? Of course. Even CNN's liberal anchor Don Lemon seems to think so.

But not one of his guests. Watch political commentator Symone Sanders twist herself into a pretzel trying to explain why it wasn't. 

What's so absurd about this is that we've spent the last eight years listening to Democrats talk about how any opposition to Barack Obama's agenda is racist. But now, literally screaming "F--K White People!" and "F--K Donald Trump" while beating a bound white man isn't racism?

Sanders is the poster child for this. Just last week she was on CNN claiming that "Make America Great Again" is racist.

So this is the Democratic line on this matter: a slogan is racist, but yelling an explicitly racist slogan while actually beating someone up is not.

Got it?
 Source: AAN
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