Immigrant Destroys the Anti-Trump Narrative

Immigrant Destroys the Anti-Trump Narrative
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As a legal immigrant brought to America by my parents when I was a baby, I was particularly upset when I saw illegal immigrant parents and children being separated when they crossed into the U.S. in recent days. But I was happy when President Trump did the right thing and signed an executive order Wednesday allowing parents who have crossed the border illegally to remain with their children.

Children should not be made to suffer for the actions of their parents. President Trump has compassion for these children. So does first lady Melania Trump, who showed this Thursday by visiting a detention center in Texas for children who entered the U.S. illegally.

At the same time, I applaud the president for holding firm on his “zero tolerance” policy and criminally prosecuting any immigrants who come to the U.S. in violation of our laws. This sends a powerful message to all who disrespect our laws. 

The president’s actions – and the actions of Republicans in Congress – make me proud to be a Republican and proud that I voted for Donald Trump and continue to support him.

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