Illegal Alien's Depraved Plan To Avoid Deportation BLOWS UP

  • 2017-11-16
  • Source: AAN
  • by: Remington Strelivo
Illegal Alien's Depraved Plan To Avoid Deportation BLOWS UP
By United States Marshals Service -, Public Domain,
Authorities charged an illegal alien with raping his stepdaughter – to impregnate her with his "anchor baby."

Horacio Alvarado, 32, falsely believed that getting his then-15-year-old stepdaughter pregnant would prevent him from getting deported. In reality, having a child who's an American-born citizen has no bearing on whether a parent can stay in the country.

The stepdaughter gave birth to the child about two years ago, and a paternity test has proved that Alvarado is the father. Far from saving his proverbial skin, the rape has led to much more severe charges than merely being deported.

Alvarado received three felonies: first-degree sexual assault resulting in pregnancy; repeated sexual assault of a child; and incest.

His wife – the victim's mother – has also been charged with misdemeanor child neglect, amid reports that she found out about the assaults and did nothing to stop them.

The victim, who reported the offenses last month, said that the assaults began when she was 14 and continued for four years, generally happening when her mother was at work or asleep.

Alvarado is currently awaiting trial in jail.
 Source: AAN
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