Illegal Alien Busted With Sick Things on His Phone

  • 07/29/2017
  • Source: AAN
  • by: Remington Strelivo
An illegal immigrant from Mexico is facing deportation—after a search of his cell phone revealed disgusting bestiality and child porn videos.

Gustavo Milan-Arizmendi was picked up at a traffic stop on Tuesday outside of Gulfport, Mississippi. After admitting he was an illegal immigrant from Mexico, he was taken into custody by Customs and Border Patrol.

Agents from Border Patrol Station Gulport then searched his phone, where they found the disturbing videos. Some of them, lasting roughly a minute or two, showed a woman with a boy in diapers, two small children, and a woman with her male dog.

All children in the videos were younger than 12.

Arizmendi admitted downloading an app where he joined as group that sent him the child porn. He claimed to have deleted the app, but said the group continued to contact him.

Arizmendi had previously been caught by Border Patrol, and was allowed to return to Mexico on his own without deportation. Arizmendi is being held by authorities but has not yet been charged over the child porn, as evidence is still currently being evaluated by a grand jury.
 Source: AAN
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