How the Ohio State Diversity Police are Responding to the Islamic Terror Attack

  • 12/01/2016
  • Source: AAN
  • by: Remington Strelivo
Ohio State University’s assistant director of residence life is calling for sympathy for Abdul Razak Ali Artan—the Somali Muslim student whose stabbing attack sent 10 of his classmates to the hospital.

Stephanie Clemons Thompson, in a startling Facebook post, called Artan a “member of our family” as a Ohio State student—and threatened to unfriend anyone on Facebook who thinks it’s “okay to celebrate his death and/or share a photo of his dead body.”

Thompson added, “I pray you will find compassion for his life, as troubled as it clearly was. Think of the pain he must have been in to feel that his actions were the only solution.”
She also added the hashtags: #BuckeyeStrong, #BlackLivesMatter, and #SayHisName.

In her post, Thompson did not call for compassion for Artan’s victims—who were “members of the Ohio State family.”

Nor did she praise Ohio State police officer, Alan Horujko, who fatally shot Artan before he was able to kill, rather than just injure, any of his classmates.

In fact, using the #BlackLivesMatter and #SayHisName hashtags—which have been primarily used in solidarity with a black victim of perceived police brutality—Thompson seems to be suggesting that Horujko’s heroic act that saved countless lives constitutes a hate crime.

Thompson opened and closed her post with the order, “DO NOT SHARE THIS POST.” But, unfortunately for her, someone did share her martyring of a knife-weilding terrorist—and now, she’s facing the music.
 Source: AAN

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