How Crooked Hillary is Airbrushing History

Airbrushing history: Section on foreign trade deal cut from new printings of Hillary’s autobiography

Hammered by Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump for her support of trade deals, Hillary Clinton is fighting back the only way she knows how.

Changing her story.

New printings of “Hard Choices” are missing 96 pages, in some of which she detailed her role in negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a pending trade deal between the United States and several Asian nations.

It’s not unusual for subsequent printings of books to be abridged.  They are often shortened by cutting out extraneous or off-topic passages.

But it’s rather unusual for an autobiography to be abridged by cutting out an entire passage promoting one’s role in crafting a major economic treaty.

The Center for Economic and Policy Research reports:

... Also found in the original is a paragraph where Clinton discusses her efforts to encourage other countries in the Americas to join negotiations for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement during a regional conference in El Salvador in June 2009:
So we worked hard to improve and ratify trade agreements with Colombia and Panama and encouraged Canada and the group of countries that became known as the Pacific Alliance — Mexico, Colombia, Peru, and Chile — all open-market democracies driving toward a more prosperous future to join negotiations with Asian nations on TPP, the trans-Pacific trade agreement.
Clinton praises Latin America for its high rate of economic growth, which she revealingly claims has produced “more than 50 million new middle-class consumers eager to buy U.S. goods and services.” She also admits that the region’s inequality is “still among the worst in the world” with much of its population “locked in persistent poverty” — even while the TPP that she has advocated strongly for threatens to exacerbate the region’s underdevelopment, just as NAFTA caused the Mexican economy to stagnate.
Last October, however, she publicly reversed her stance on the TPP under pressure from fellow Democratic presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley. Likewise, the entire two-page section on the conference in El Salvador where she expresses her support for the TPP is missing from the paperback.

 Source: American Action News
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