Hero Illinois Cop Showed The Right Way To Handle A School Shooting

Mark Dallas, a school resource officer, exchanged shots with and disarmed a student who brought a gun to school in Illinois Wednesday morning.

The alleged suspect, Matt Milby, 19, arrived armed at Dixon High School around 8:00 a.m. Wednesday. When he got there, Milby fired shots at the resource officer on duty, hitting him. The officer was able to fire back at the alleged shooter, hitting him, according to Dixon City Manager Danny Langloss. What happened in Illinois should have transpired in Parkland in February, but the on-site officer acted with cowardice and didn’t enter the building. But Dallas’ success is, unfortunately, the exception — not the rule.

Both the FBI and Broward County Police knew the Parkland shooter was violent and mentally unstable. He was kicked out of school and reported to police dozens of times but still allowed to buy an AR-15.


Perhaps lawmakers should focus on fixing these issues before restricting gun access for law-abiding citizens.

 Source: Daily Caller
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