Here's What Americans Really Think of Black Lives Matter

  • 08/07/2017
  • Source: AAN
  • by: Jeff Isaak
Black Lives Matter found out the hard way that vandalism, arson, and blocking traffic does not endear you to others.
A Harvard University poll revealed 57 percent of Americans view Black Lives Matter unfavorably. Two of the culprits include radical tactics and self-inflicted wounds.
Black Lives Matter's latest PR disaster involved making a supposed photo of a lynched black man in St. Paul, Minnesota go viral – even after the medical examiner's office proved the victim was a white man who hung himself. St. Paul is the same city where some protesters chanted "fry ‘em like bacon," condoning violence against police officers.
Current support for Black Lives Matter divides sharply along racial and ideological lines. While 83 percent of African-Americans support the movement, just 35 percent of whites feel the same. Hillary Clinton voters have overwhelmingly positive opinions about the movement. A mere 18 percent of Donald Trump supporters share their sentiment.
The public is evenly split over whether the criminal justice system has an institutional bias against minorities. A majority believes police officers use force too quickly.
Since Black Lives Matter begun, many have argued the atmosphere of hate fanned by certain members put a bullseye on law enforcement. In the smoldering aftermath of police assassinations in Dallas and Baton Rouge that opinion soared.
Three-quarters of those surveyed, including two-thirds of African-Americans, believe more negative attention is given to police than gangs or criminals in general. Almost 90 percent say that the increased scrutiny has resulted in more violence against the police officers.  
Instead of acknowledging the decency of the vast majority of those in law enforcement, violent indignation cost Black Lives Matter dearly.   
 Source: AAN
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