Here's How Obama is Rubbing Clinton's Corruption in Your Face

  • 2016-06-10
  • Source: AAN
  • by: AAN Staff
Now that Hillary Clinton has mathematically clinched the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination, the leader of the party and current White House occupant, President Barack Obama has formally endorsed her.
That’s not unusual.
What is unusual is this is the first time a sitting president has endorsed someone facing possible federal indictment, and with whom the decision to indict could ultimately rests.

That appears to be a conflict of interest, on that obstructs justice.

Fox News Channel’s James Rosen took those concerns directly to the White House spokesman Josh Earnest.

ROSEN: “I wonder if you could address for us the potential conflict of interest that might exist when the President of the United States––the head of the executive branch––is openly saying I want this woman to succeed me in the Oval Office and you have other employees of the executive branch -- career prosecutors, FBI agents --working this case. Isn’t there some conflict there?”

EARNEST: “James, there is not...he knows the people conducting the investigation will not be swayed by political forces.”

That’s true.  The FBI agents working the case likely won’t stand down because the President endorsed her.

The problem is their hard work will be for nothing if they recommend an indictment and the politically craven Obama refuses it, because he’s endorsed the accused.
 Source: AAN
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