Here's How Baltimore’s 'Don’t Kill Anybody Weekend' Actually Went

  • 08/08/2017
  • Source: AAN
  • by: Jeff Isaak
The hope for a murder-free weekend for Baltimore ended Sunday with three shootings and two fatalities.
Longtime resident Erricka Bridgeford’s “Nobody Kill Anybody” campaign called for 72-hour ceasefire between Friday, August 4 and Sunday, August 6. The movement garnered the support of thousands on social media. However, Bridgeford squandered an opportunity to mend the wounds between the Baltimore Police Department and the African American community by refusing their overtures for assistance.
Bridgeford’s efforts to spread the word by going door-to-door in America’s most dangerous neighborhoods received national attention. Some gang leaders promised to honor the hoped-for cessation of violence – at least until today.
However, three people were shot and two killed in Baltimore during the weekend truce. Activists gathered at the scene of one shooting to comfort relatives and offer words of encouragement. Organizers believe the goal of unifying the city remains within reach.
Baltimore is experiencing an unprecedented rise in homicides roughly concurring with its compliance with the Firearms Safety Act, prohibiting “high capacity magazines” and “assault weapons,” while authorizing rigorous background checks.
Maryland’s General Assembly passed the Firearms Safety Act to presumably make people safer. Yet, Baltimore’s violent crime rate remains much higher than the national average with a record number of killings in 2015 and 2016.
Baltimore has recorded a 30 percent increase in the number of homicides than this time last year, and an 85 percent increase than three years ago. The city’s soaring murder rate has surpassed New Orleans and Chicago. Simultaneously, the use of so-called high capacity magazines by criminals has increased every year since the Democratic dominated state legislature banned them in 2013.
The lessons of Baltimore’s descent into anarchy are clear: Law-abiding gun owners can deter crime and save lives. Gun control only emboldens criminals.  
 Source: AAN
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