Govt. Official Caught On Camera Doing Something APPALLING

Govt. Official Caught On Camera Doing Something APPALLING
A former county official in Georgia will not face criminal charges despite the discovery of illicit videos showing him performing oral sex on two men who appeared incoherent and unresponsive, authorities said.

David Kimbrell, former emergency management director for Hall County, allegedly filmed himself performing the sex act on two men while they were drunk or visibly impaired, according to documents obtained by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Kimbrell, who was fired in October, told investigators that both men were aware of the videos and “what he was doing to them,” but documents connected to the investigation, as well as interviews with the two victims suggest otherwise, according to the newspaper.

One of the alleged victims declined to press charges against Kimbrell, 55, of Gainesville, Ga., due to the embarrassment surrounding the allegations. Kimbrell, who worked as the county’s fire chief until 2014 before becoming its emergency management director, lost his job after another Hall County employee discovered one of the videos on his work computer, documents show.
 Source: New York Post
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